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Wood Silhouette Donor Recognition Tree Plaques
Donor Recognition Trees are the most memorable and lasting way to recognize donor giving for fundraising campaigns. Encourage donations and raise funds by acknowledging donors with a beautiful recognition tree display. Made in the USA!

Our ever popular Wood Silhouette Series Donor Tree features a one piece unit with decorative routed edges and actual inlaid areas for the leaves and sculpted trunk. Construction is of the highest quality engineered materials which include a warp resistant 3-D MDF core and a vacuum formed commercial grade cabinet vinyl laminate that is extremely durable, marr resistant, and easy to clean. A variety of wood finishes and size configurations give this series versatility in design and functionality. Give us a call if you don't see your size or configuration.
All leaves are laser etched "in-house" producing an opaque black, crisp, permanent and easily readable character. Our years of experience in graphic design will assure your text is formatted and imprinted in an eye-pleasing and professional manner. To assure customer satisfaction, before proceeding with any order we can e-mail all customers a FREE "e-proof" if desired showing the general text/graphic layout for leaves, plates and header plates.
We encourage you to call with questions toll free at 888-462-5008
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SH20 Donor Tree (20 plates) SH30 Donor Tree (30 plates) SH60 Donor Tree (60 plates)
The SH20 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 20 Plates
19W x 19-1/2"H
The SH30 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 30 Plates
26"W x 24-1/2"H
The SH60 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 60 Plates
31"W x 26-1/2"H
SH80 Donor Tree (80 plates) SH90 Donor Tree (90 plates) SH100 Donor Tree (100 plates)
The SH80 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 80 Plates
35-1/2W x 28-1/2"H
The SH90 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 90 Plates
42-1/2"W x 37-1/2"H
The SH100 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 100 Plates
42-1/2"W x 37-1/2"H
SH110 Donor Tree (110 plates) SH150 Donor Tree (150 plates) SH200 Donor Tree (200 plates)
The SH110 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 110 Plates
42-1/2W x 37-1/2"H
The SH150 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 150 Plates
43-1/2"W x 47"H
The SH200 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 200 Plates
53-1/2"W x 47"H
SH250 Donor Tree (250 plates) SH300 Donor Tree (300 plates) SH350 Donor Tree (350 plates)
The SH250 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 250 Plates
63"W x 47"H
The SH300 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 300 Plates
72"W x 47"H
The SH350 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 350 Plates
84"W x 47"H
SH420 Donor Tree (400 plates)
The SH400 Wood Silhouette
Recognition Tree - 420 Plates
95"W x 47-1/2"H
We encourage you to call with questions toll free at 888-462-5008